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Premium 27″ DeckProtect Octagon

Premium 27″ DeckProtect Octagon

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Handcrafted 27″ DeckProtect octagon.  Made with welded aluminum frame. Powder coated with your choice of four colors.   Inside dimensions: 26.5″ from side to side.  Flat Rate Shipping in U.S.: $ 35.00Flat Rate Shipping in Canada:  $ 54.00
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The frame of the 27″ octagon is made with side walls of 1/8″ thick aluminum 1-1/4″ high and welded at the corners. Two layers of tiles made from basalt (volcanic rock) fiber insulate and dissipate the heat. Hard rubber feet raise the frame 3/4″ for air flow and to assure that your deck or patio will not become stained from trapped moisture.

The dimensions shown here are inside the walls of the aluminum frame. It is best to place the feet of your fire pit within the side walls and sitting on the basalt tiles. The feet of your fire pit cannot be more than 20″ apart, outside of one foot to outside of the next foot. For best protection, the diameter of your fire pit should not be much greater than the width of the DeckProtect.

Color : Polished Aluminum, Black, Slate, Copper, Dark Bronze