Premium Hexagon


After more than 10 years of building DeckProtect™ for homeowners with fire pits, it dawned on us that many fire pits have 3 legs, not 4. (A 3-legged stool never rocks.) You can easily place a 3-legged fire pit on a square DeckProtect, but the hexagon is designed to be a more appealing match.

How DeckProtect is Made

DeckProtect is handcrafted from extruded aluminum, sheet aluminum, boards of basalt fiber, and other materials. . With 26 variations of shape and size and 4 different powder coat colors, as well as custom sizes, this is not a product we can order from China. Each DeckProtect is made to order as orders come in.

The description of each of the hexagon sizes we offer includes a graphic that illustrates the size within the sides of the frame. They indicate how far apart the three feet of your fire pit can be to fit within that hexagon. You also need to decide whether your DeckProtect needs to be large enough to encompass the full diameter of your fire pit … or just the feet.

If your fire pit is shaped more or less like the one in figure A with the bottom of the fire bowl covering most or all the full diameter, then you need a DeckProtect large enough to cover the full diameter as in the A circle in the hexagon diagram. And if the full diameter of your fire pit is well above the bottom of the fire bowl as in Figure B, then the DeckProtect has to be only big enough to hold the feet.